Just Edward Candles - The Vines
Just Edward Candles - The Vines
Just Edward Candles - The Vines

Just Edward Candles - The Vines

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This is a decadent celebration to the many wineries dotted throughout Prince Edward County. The effervescent of sparkling prosecco rose connects with the heady aromas of apricots and flirty hints of hibiscus. Like a good wine, this candle improves with age.

Top: apricots, vanilla
Middle: prosecco, hibiscus nectar, island fig
Base: rhubarb, cassis

Every day we are inspired by the natural untamed beauty of Prince Edward County. So we set out to make a candle that is true to the essence of the place that we're fortunate enough to call home.

WAX & WICK: Our candles are made from  ethically sourced natural waxes---90% sustainable coconut wax, and a 10% soy beeswax blend. Formulated here in Ontario, this unique combo leads to a cleaner, longer lasting candle than you're probably use to. Our candle wicks are made from 100% cottonwood, a tree that grows freely throughout Prince Edward County. The flat braided design of our wicks promotes even, smoke-free burning.

ESSENTIAL & FRAGRANCE OILS: The beautiful essential oils and natural fragrances that give each candle its unique scent are Phthalate Free and are made in Canada or the US.

VESSELS & PACKAGING:  Each Just Edward candle comes in a refined container which you can reuse around the home or office. All labels and cardboard packaging materials are 100% recyclable. Candles are poured and packed from our studio just outside Picton, ON.

227g or 8oz | approx. 80 hours burn time