Our Story

Kleur: (kl-uur) Dutch; Colour, Hue, Tint, Shade

After building fine custom homes for the past 12 years in Prince Edward County, we found that when we handed the keys over to our clients they would inevitably ask where they should go to buy furniture, we didn’t have any options within our community to send them and so ended up directing them to online retailers or out of town. Thus Kleur Design was born…we finally have a great option for our clients, and the community, right here in PEC! We are trying to meet the need for classic, well made, staple furniture pieces that our clients will own for a long time. In addition to those foundation pieces, we will have trendy, fashion forward accessories that can change with the times to keep that furniture looking fresh and timeless. Our store (on-line and in person) is a place where people can come to find inspiring, well made and designed pieces in a friendly and welcoming environment.

Behind the scenes

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