Just Edward Candles - Sand
Just Edward Candles - Sand
Just Edward Candles - Sand
Just Edward Candles - Sand

Just Edward Candles - Sand

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A soft beachy scent with fresh radiant notes of driftwood, plum, coconut and sparkling citrus.   

Top: green apple, rose, grapefruit
Middle: driftwood, coconut water, plum
Base: jasmine, coconut milk, amber

This is the fragrance of hot summer days, strolling along the white sand banks at Outlet Beach as refreshing crystal Lake Ontario water occasionally laps at your toes.

Everyday we are inspired by the natural untamed beauty of Prince Edward County. So we set out to make a candle that is true to the essence of the place that we're fortunate enough to call home.

WAX & WICK: Our candles are made from a blend of ethically sourced natural vegetable waxes---90% sustainable coconut wax, 20% soy wax and made in Australia. This unique combo leads to a cleaner, longer lasting candle than you're probably use to. Our candle wicks are made from 100% cottonwood. Their flat braided design promotes even, smoke-free burning.

ESSENTIAL & FRAGRANCE OILS: The beautiful essential oils and natural fragrances that give each candle its unique scent are Phthalate Free and was made in Canada or the US.

 Each Just Edward candle comes in a refined container which you can reuse around the home or office. All cardboard packaging and materials are 100% recyclable. Candles are poured and packed from our studio near Picton.

227g or 8oz | approx. 80 hours burn time.